Mаdison Bееr dιscusses Һer strᴜggles wιth sоcial мedia, rᴜnning Һer оwn ɡlam sqᴜad, аnd Һow TιkTok ιs dеstroying мusic

Madison Beer’s discussion about her struggles with social media, her role in running her own glam squad, and her thoughts on TikTok’s impact on the music industry provides insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by modern-day artists and influencers.

Struggles with Social Media: Many public figures, including musicians and influencers like Madison Beer, often grapple with the pressures and criticisms that come with social media. The constant scrutiny and negative comments can take a toll on mental health, and it’s important to address these challenges openly.

Running Her Own Glam Squad: Madison Beer’s involvement in managing her own glam squad highlights the hands-on approach that many artists take to curate their public image.

Collaborating with a team of professionals is essential for maintaining a polished and consistent image, especially in the entertainment industry.

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